Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jump in!

So, a couple days ago Chicago was a rainy mess and cold and dreary. Through this I had to get my son to school, then handle my own affairs and then pick him up. As I walked in my 2 year old boots, with my jeans tucked in, I realized that I was looking down repeatedly to avoid the large puddles. I thought of my son and how that very morning I had scolded him not to jump in the puddles, because I didn't want his clothes all wet on the way to school.
What changes? When do we stop wanting to jump in those puddles and instead walk around?
Who cares anyway? So I jumped in a few and then walked through a few more. I mean if my jeans were to actually get wet, guess who has the pleasure of washing them on laundry day?

Chances that I will get angry at myself for a little mud or muck on my jeans? Slim to nil. So next time there's a rain storm, I say jump in, get wet, just make sure your kids aren't watching. Or...hey loosen up and jump in together!

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