Sunday, April 25, 2010


The moment.  This moment.  Lately a lot has been said about living in the present moment.  I'm sure some just see it as another fad, maybe even phony-baloney (did I spell that right).  But, it has in fact been a way of life for many and for many years. 

For me it is one of the most obvious truths that there is.  All we have is the present moment.  And such power is in this moment.  We decide what to do right then and there and whatever comes after, simply comes.  When I think of some of my moments, well let's just say they were all action and no thought.  But, you know something?  That's a large part of why I enjoy life.  As embarassed, or foolish, or crazy as I may have felt seconds, minutes or hours later, after the consequence showed up, rarely have I felt regret. 

Let me not oversimplify.  I am not talking about being impulsive.  But, instead listening to myself and when there is nothing there to listen to, I am okay with doing absolutely nothing but existing in the moment - not the "what ifs" of the future or "how could I or he or she have...?" from the past.  I simply get through the present, one moment at a time.

Currently, I find myself at a sort of crossroads, considering making a decision or two with the potential to change my life dramatically.  In fact, I lost it a few days ago, on my knees and at my bedside.  Desperately I prayed for a sign of which choice to make.  But as the silence grew in the room, then in me, I remembered.  I knew.  That day was not the day to make the decision.  And as soon as I knew that, I was able to get off my knees and get on with the rest of my day. 

I could let these decisions loom over me, but why take the power away from this moment? Besides when it's time for me to know I'll know and I'll make the choice and it will be the right one for that space in time.