Friday, October 15, 2010

Five Ways to Steal Some Time For Yourself

Since I've been both a working mom and a stay-at-home mom, I'll adjust my tips for each type of parent.
Sorry if my comments seemed geared more to the female parent, but they're who I know best.

1. Enrol your kid/s in an after-school or extra-curricular program.  Not only is this good for them socially, but it frees up some time for you to just sit down and relax or do something you have not had the time to do (and listen I don't mean chores).  Some programs are held right at school and some programs pick up after school.  Music lessons, sports, dance lessons or art programs are all things to consider.  If money is an issue try your local YMCA (which usually has a smaller fee) or find out if your community has similar programs.

2.  Wake up earlier.  If you and your snooze button are friendly, wean yourself off of this relationship.  If you get up just one half hour earlier than the rest of your household, that's time enough for a workout routine, a slowly sipped cup of tea on the balcony, a chapter out of that book you've been meaning to read, or a morning meditation.

3.  Get a manicure/pedicure or massage after work.  Find a spot that's on the way home from work and book an appointment ahead of time.  Who's going to miss you for the thirty precious minutes it takes for a quick salon appointment?  If you're a stay-at-home, then book a place that's on the way to your kid's school or book a later appointment for when your partner is at home and head out solo.

4.  Get lost.  When you're off doing one of those household duties everyone else expects you to do, take a detour through a park or just take a different route.  Even taking a drive on a long curvy road sometimes works for me (keep the GPS handy).  I would avoid shopping as this usually takes me far off the beaten path and I lose track of time.

5.  Take a real lunch break.  Stay-at-home or working, you deserve a lunch break.  Forget about grabbing a quick sandwich on the run.  Go be somewhere and really be there.  Take a bagged lunch to the steps of your favorite water fountain.  Walk around the corner to the nearest park, plop yourself down on a bench and actually enjoy what you're eating.  If nothing like that is nearby, then at least find a lunch place with some atmosphere and don't order it "to go".

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  1. It is crucial that woman takes time to take care of herself. Ironically this is when she is most appreciated and not when she sacrifices everything!